21 Jun 2017

FullDome FLASH SALE…6 Shows for $2,997 USD!

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We are celebrating the release of two brand new FullDome Shows, Weather and Ecosystems, with a FLASH SALE!  The deal is yours until the END OF JUNE ONLY!


  • NORMAL PRICING:  $995.00 USD for one show.  Which is a great deal to begin with! 

What’s our goal?!?  We are passionate about education and want everyone to have the opportunity to collect a variety of shows that engage, teach, and excite your audience.  And how fun is it to have new content for the upcoming school year?!? The flash sale includes ALL of the following shows (click on any of the titles or posters for a preview of the entire show!!):

  • Weather:  What’s it like outside? Rainy, windy, hot? Let’s check our thermometer, rain gauge and wind sock! Your students will learn important terms for describing and measuring weather and what to do if weather becomes severe in this exciting, live action video. And teachers, the video also includes an extensive on-screen quiz to engage and check your students on the spot! Total run time is 14:30. 
  • Ecosystems Ewww, a maggot. But it’s only a decomposer! Students love to be “grossed out” and at the same time they will learn about the many important roles of living and non-living factors in an ecosystem. A unique educational tool including technical terminology such as abiotic, consumer, community, omnivore, food web and many more – from the types of ecosystems to the roles of plants and animals and how it all interrelates. Complete with integrated reviews and on-screen quiz. Total run time:  16:40
  • States of Matter:  An educational show for students, this is a must have.  Solids, liquids, gas…even gold – this is the perfect platform to introduce students to matter!  Our first preview, with an audience of teachers, ended in applause!  Total running time:  10:18. 
  • Cells and Tissue:  Another important educational show for students – features cells and how tissue can be grown in labs.  Your audience will be introduced to researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and professors – getting them thinking about how they may impact the world in the future and what career they might like to pursue. Total running time: 15:52.  
  • Carve Boarding:  An exciting addition to your collection!  This show features live action you won’t want to miss!  This show was even invited to participate in the Immersive Film Festival in 2015 in Espinho, Portugal!  Total running time:  0:56. 
  • The H2O Cycle:  With its live action images, time lapse, and an educational rap, this show is sure to be a new favorite of your students.  It is already installed in 25 locations around the globe.  Available in English, Spanish, and Catalan!  Total running time:  13:53.   



Just reply and we will get the ball rolling.

No worries – you can preview the shows before you make the purchase.  We want to make sure you are happy and have just what you need for your audience!

Offer valid until June 30, 2017

28 Apr 2017

REMINDER! VOTE NOW for SlicedTomato Productions to win a FullDome grant!

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Response has been “to the moon” so far!!!  We are working hard to win this grant for all of FullDome World!  As a reminder, you can vote EVERY DAY!  What does that investment get you?  Free educational FullDome content!   We will produce content and give it to you.


FullDome World, we can help each other and our students all together and at the same time!

As a reminder, here are the directions for voting:

  • Click this link: http://act.usatoday.com/submit-an-idea/#/gallery/60468175/ and remember…be patient because the internet gremlins take a few moments to load the big ideas video!
  • Register (you only have to register once)
  • Make your vote count every day by using the same link through May 12th.


Why are we doing this?  Because we believe in Budget Dust.  This is our vision for all of FullDome World.  We have been giving away content for 4 years, 3 months, 15 days and counting.  In the past week alone, 12 new domes have downloaded our Space Shuttle video. In total, 565 planetariums around the world have already downloaded our free content! Click IWantFullDomeFreeContent to get yours!

We have 15 days left to vote – only until Friday, May 12th.  Keep the votes coming! Remember, tell your teachers…administrators…your interns…audiences of every public show!

Clear Skies!


21 Apr 2017

FullDome World - please vote! Education FOR THE WIN!

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Check out FullDome FTW (For the Win!)!. VOTE NOW for SlicedTomato Productions’ A Community Thrives idea! When you vote you give us the chance to produce awesome educational videos for domes. We have big ideas for your big dome! Once we make them we are going to give them away.

SO…we need your vote to help us get selected for the USA Today Grant contest so we can continue to produce awesome educational FullDome (Planetarium) videos. The cool thing is you can vote every day! Our goal with this grant is to provide you with new FullDome videos. All we will ask is for shipping and handling.

USA Today makes it easy!

  • Just follow this link: http://act.usatoday.com/submit-an-idea/#/gallery/60468175/ and be patient because the internet gremlins take a few moments to load the big ideas video!
  • Register (you only have to register once!)
  • Make your vote count every day by using the same link as above through May 12th.


FullDome WORLD, this is your chance to help yourself and your students. Send this to your family…your coworkers…your friends…EVERYBODY. The least you can do is to make this link your Facebook status. We have 24 days to vote – only until Friday, May 12th. Vote now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Make your vote count! If you have a student…or ever even seen a student…or if you just love education, this is definitely worth a moment of your time!

After you vote, tell @ACThrive what video topic you want SlicedTomato to produce with the grant money! Just be sure to mention @FullDomeVideo.

08 Jun 2016

States of Matter

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Arrr Matey’s!  What do we have here??  Is it a solid?  A liquid? A gas?  Hmm…Does it “Matter”?  It most certainly does!  We are talking about GOLD!  So put on your lab coat and come investigate matter with us!  SlicedTomato is excited to introduce our newest FullDome educational module:  States of Matter!

Immerse your audience in this live action FullDome experience.  States of Matter comes complete with a review section to fully engage your audience, created specifically with teachers and students in mind.

Get more than a “sneak peek” – be sure to preview the entire show!

States of Matter is available for download for only $995.00 USD – what a SOLID deal!  The download form is available to submit below.



    1. Science: As always, the science had to be right.  In order to make this happen, we worked closely with Roper Mountain Science Center in developing the script and tying it to the National Science Standards.
    2. Why are our live action FullDome shows engaging and unforgettable?  Because of just that – the live action images and shows. We believe that once you see a live action FullDome show, you will never forget it.
    3. “This is Science People!”  We love Field Trips!   Field trips to the Science Center are even more fun with our live action FullDome shows!



  • The Show:  States of Matter – just long enough to introduce the topics but not too long for our students (our goal was to introduce the science and get students excited – then the rest is covered in class!) States of Matter does its job in about 10 minutes.
  • Straight Play: A FullDome Show – just like you expect – video, music, beautiful images.
  • 50 year lease – play it at your facility as much as you want
  • Simplified pricing – no multiplication, no counting pixels – one low price for everyone – $995.00 USD
  • Projector ready – we will get it ready for you whenever possible.
    • We can slice our Dome Master into several projector-ready formats. We spend the time converting, you spend more time teaching.
  • Download option: SlicedTomato believes in the efficient, earth friendly, quicker way of delivery – and that is digital. We pay the download fee if you choose this option.


Fill out my online form.
29 Oct 2014

The Legacy of Michael Mocherman

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In Sarasota Florida, at Riverview High School, Jason Mocherman has inherited a legacy. For Jason, heading the Planetarium is not only a passion, but also an incredible opportunity started by his father more than twenty years ago. Growing up, Jason was constantly surrounded by science projects at home. Telescopes, instruments and experiments filled the house, and because of Michael Mocherman’s passion, Jason developed an affinity towards science at an early age. “My Dad has always loved teaching,” Jason remembers, “Nothing brought him greater joy.”

sarasota (1)Michael Mocherman began teaching science at Riverview High School in 1982. A few years later, he became science department chairman where he began to tirelessly build numerous science programs. His goal was to grow it into the best and most unique department it could ever be. Michael wanted the students to have as much access to science as they could so they could fulfill all their curiosities. His work at developing the department included creating radiation labs for the students, marine science labs, and then the planetarium. “The planetarium became my Dad’s pet project,” Jason says. “It was started by him, and perpetuated by him. It became his top priority.”

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