21 Dec 2011

Custom FullDome videos are too expensive to produce, right?

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The FullDome video production industry is dominated by some pretty powerful market forces:    multi-year production schedules and six and seven figure production costs driven by the need to create content exclusively through animation are the norm.   These forces have limited the number and type of FullDome videos available for the growing number of FullDome planetariums.   Looking back, it is amazing that so much has been accomplished in the face of these constraints.   Fascinating animated videos have been created that “wow” audiences and teach our children about everything from deep space to inside the human body.

Consider how producing videos with a camera could revolutionize FullDome video production.   Using cameras to produce FullDome content can dramatically cut production time and cost.   If we can get a camera in, on, or near it, it can now be part of a FullDome production.   What could we make now?   This could be the end of “infotainment” video that struggles to straddle the world between education and entertainment.   It is now possible to produce a video just for education and another just for entertainment.   Soon there will be a wonderful stratification of FullDome content when FullDome video comes into its own – dramas, comedies, and historical movies with this new and vibrant medium that will fill our theaters, enthralling all who attend.   Custom content?  “Yes”  What do you want to see on your planetarium…?

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