05 Feb 2014

FullDome Master File

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question-mark-96285_1280We have had many Planetariums and Science Centers ask us “What is a FullDome Master File”? In short, The FullDome Master File of a FullDome show is the individual frames of the show (in a common file format, .jpg, .png, etc) and a separate audio track. Why is this necessary? Well, due to the fact that there is no standardized format with single lens projectors and because some FullDome systems use multiple projectors, the FullDome Master File becomes the base file for rendering the show into any format.

For example, if you have a projector that only plays .wmv files, a show in .mp4 format doesn’t help you. However, with the FullDome Master and the right software, the file your projector needs can be created.

In a more complex application, a multi-projector system requires you to slice each image file into pieces that correspond to each projector, then render each collection of projector slices to the file type that the projector system plays.

The FullDome Master File is the starting point to create any FullDome video format.

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