27 Mar 2014

Our Videos. Your Language.

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We were thrilled to hear that the children at our local science center were “dancing in their seats” as they watched The H2O Cycle. In addition to our local children, we want children all over the world excited about Science and believe that immersing them in a dome is a great way to do that. Recently, we worked with a Science Center in Spain and now Spanish-speaking children are learning about the water cycle in their own language. They were pleased with how it turned out so we didn’t stop there. Catalan is now finished and we want to work with you to get the The H2O Cycle available in your language. Interested? Contact us today!

“We work the water topic with children in the Maritime Museum. We acquired the film aiming to create a version in our own languages (Catalan and Spanish) and it was really easy to arrange it with the Sliced Tomato staff. Now, children, and teachers in Barcelona, Spain are enjoying with The H2O Cycle in their own language.”
Borja – Spain

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