31 Jan 2012

Why is FullDome video getting a lot of attention now?

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Recently we have been hearing this question.   Our answer is that there are three big reasons for FullDome video now.

The first is that it is now possible.

Not long ago, displaying a color image on a planetarium dome could only be done using a traditional rectangular projector (less than ideal) or with lasers (cool but so 1970’s…).   Thanks to major technological advances led by the projector industry, E&S, Goto,  Spitz, Sky-Skan, Zeiss, and others, it is possible to have your entire field of vision engulfed in ultrahigh res, full color, video splendor!

The second is that more color and more resolution on the ultimate video screen is, well … just better.

Now, in addition to the time honored monochromatic images, Pandora’s color box is wide open and visiting your local planetarium has never been so good. Attendance is up, people are excited and talking, and producers are imagining what can be created for this exciting medium.

The third is that video camera technology has crested the technological hurdle and can now deliver up to 4K resolution video images.

What’s the next best thing to being there?   The next best thing is being immersed in it in a planetarium.   Imagine being able to turn your head to the left and right and seeing something different.   A different view of say … the Grand Canyon – in front of you the trail and the ears of the mule carrying you down to the Snake River, to the left the shear, red, rock wall, to the right straight down to the Snake River, above an eagle soaring in the sun, and behind … well the back of the mule tail flipping away in the summer heat!

What is next for the planetarium?

Imagine it.   Send us your idea and just maybe … “coming soon to a planetarium near you…”!

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