08 Jun 2016

States of Matter

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Arrr Matey’s!  What do we have here??  Is it a solid?  A liquid? A gas?  Hmm…Does it “Matter”?  It most certainly does!  We are talking about GOLD!  So put on your lab coat and come investigate matter with us!  SlicedTomato is excited to introduce our newest FullDome educational module:  States of Matter!

Immerse your audience in this live action FullDome experience.  States of Matter comes complete with a review section to fully engage your audience, created specifically with teachers and students in mind.

Get more than a “sneak peek” – be sure to preview the entire show!

States of Matter is available for download for only $995.00 USD – what a SOLID deal!  The download form is available to submit below.



    1. Science: As always, the science had to be right.  In order to make this happen, we worked closely with Roper Mountain Science Center in developing the script and tying it to the National Science Standards.
    2. Why are our live action FullDome shows engaging and unforgettable?  Because of just that – the live action images and shows. We believe that once you see a live action FullDome show, you will never forget it.
    3. “This is Science People!”  We love Field Trips!   Field trips to the Science Center are even more fun with our live action FullDome shows!



  • The Show:  States of Matter – just long enough to introduce the topics but not too long for our students (our goal was to introduce the science and get students excited – then the rest is covered in class!) States of Matter does its job in about 10 minutes.
  • Straight Play: A FullDome Show – just like you expect – video, music, beautiful images.
  • 50 year lease – play it at your facility as much as you want
  • Simplified pricing – no multiplication, no counting pixels – one low price for everyone – $995.00 USD
  • Projector ready – we will get it ready for you whenever possible.
    • We can slice our Dome Master into several projector-ready formats. We spend the time converting, you spend more time teaching.
  • Download option: SlicedTomato believes in the efficient, earth friendly, quicker way of delivery – and that is digital. We pay the download fee if you choose this option.


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