08 Jan 2014

Coming Soon: Cell Biology on the Dome

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Clemson Bioengineering

UPDATE 03/28/2014: download the script.

One great way to learn about Science research is to immerse yourself in a visit to a cutting edge research laboratory, meet the researchers, learn about the topic of their research, and discover careers in research. Thanks to FullDome technology, now this experience could be as close as your local Science center. Roper Mountain Science Center introduced us to the Clemson University Bioengineering Department and we were excited when they asked us to capture their work in their research lab and produce a FullDome video about cells and tissues. We are even more excited to announce that we are in production and the video will be available later this year.

The Genesis:

By growing cells in the lab and facilitating the development of tissue, Clemson researcher Dr. Frank Alexis and his research team hope one day their research will allow surgeons to repair and replace patient’s damaged blood vessel tissue in the operating room. Dr. Alexis and his team were looking for a way share their research with the community. An educational FullDome video was proposed, and we were contacted to help create the video capturing the team at work in their lab. With Roper Mountain Science Center on board to help us get the National Science Standards right, our team was complete.

The Science:

The Cell and Tissue video is about how cells form naturally to make tissue and how the researchers are replicating the process in the lab. The video will be suitable for all audiences, but the science will be explained at a 7th grade level.

Teaching Points:

  • Cell Biology:

The video will cover the basic components of a cell, how cells communicate when forming tissue, cell mitosis, and different types of cells that make up the different tissues.

  • Lab and Equipment:

The three main areas of tissue manufacturing in the lab will be explained as well as the equipment and processes used in each area.

  • Application of Research:

The application of why this is important will be explained as well as illustrated by a mini-drama opening and closing the video.

  • Careers:

In addition to the cell/tissue relationship, the video will teach the viewer about the research and introduce students to possible careers in science research.

The Details:

We are currently in production and plan for a 2014 release. The finished video will be approximately 10-15 minutes long and a downloadable version will be available for $995.00 (USD). The price includes a 50-year lease. Want it in another language? Let us know if you are interested in a helping us produce a version in your language. Have suggestions while we are in production? Contact us and share your thoughts. We want to hear them.

Our goal is to provide education modules that planetarium educators can use to teach children of all ages in a way that is memorable and entertaining- a great way to learn! We also hope the Clemson research we are showcasing will plant the desire in children to consider future careers in Science research. Soon cell and tissue research will be brought to life on the dome – maybe one near you!


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