15 Mar 2013

FullDome GoPro Testing Update

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In February we shared how we were modifying GoPro cameras to shoot FullDome footage. Today we want to give you and update on what we have learned.

GoPro Camera Full Dome CameraGoPro2: We continue to use the GoPro2 fish eye lens set up we described in our February 22, 2013 blog . The only time we have an issue is if we bump the lens and comes loose and is no longer in focus. We suggest you check this before each shoot.

GoPro3: The lens we used to convert this camera has not lived up to our expectations. The image it generates is larger than the sensor frame on the GoPro3. We told RageCams about the problem and they have been responsive. We expect to have a new lens from them totry out in the next few weeks. Between now and then, we have stopped using the GoPro3.

We can’t wait to see what you create with your FullDome cameras!

Our first FullDome video should be complete in the next two months. It is titled “The H2O Cycle” and teaching school aged children about how water works. We used our DSLR and GoPro2 to shoot the entire video.

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