22 Nov 2011

What is the FullDome video experience like?

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Imagine watching a movie as though you were fully immersed within the film. It’s above you, it’s encircling you and it’s filling your full peripheral vision making you feel as though you were actually part of the movie. This is FullDome technology. This is full immersion.

What is FullDome?

FullDome refers to a way of viewing video, documentaries, films, computer animation and more within a domed environment and a hemispherical angle of view. Special video projection technology allows the viewer to be fully immersed within the film.

Full immersion and engaging user experience within these domed theater settings are the hallmarks of FullDome technology.

Who uses FullDome technology?

FullDome media can be found in planetariums, science museums and specially designed movie theatres all around the world.

The technology offers unlimited application, allowing educational institutions, private companies, filmmakers, and video production companies the ability to educate and entertain large audiences with hyper-realistic and compelling video.

Currently, astronomy, wildlife and the natural sciences constitute the most common film topics. As technology develops and audience interest continues to increase, creative content applications will also increase. There are no content limitations.

How did FullDome technology evolve?

FullDome technology is a culmination of advancements not only in video production, projectors and camera equipment, but also in flight simulation, virtual reality and in the domed architecture of planetariums and science museums.

Early projections systems were created to provide a better and more comprehensive understanding of astronomy. The first immersion projector system, created by Evans and Sutherland in 1983, was housed in the planetarium of the Science Museum of Virginia.

Over the past quarter century, contributions from private companies and public institutions across the globe have evolved FullDome technology into a content rich medium for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Today, the potential for FullDome technology is limitless. Industry leaders and worldwide audiences will help drive content demand and technological advancement for years to come.

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