Fresh Video for the Dome

You’ve heard the terms: 4×3, 16×9, 720p, 1080p. Video for the dome makes traditional resolutions look like a bad pixel on your sensor. SlicedTomato is excited to let you know that we have entered the world of dome production. Whether you have a full-dome projector, a mirrored or truncated dome, we are building a library of dome footage for you to download and use for your own presentations. Of course, our ears are always open to your suggestions. If you have something you want produced for your dome, we would love to hear from you. While you are here, check out our demo reel and imagine you are watching it in your dome. if you want to stop imagining and go watch it in your dome, then let us know and we’ll get you a link to download it (at no charge) in 3K resolution glory.