13 Jun 2013

Budget Dust

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buy video with leftover budget

It started small – as most things do. In 2010 Roper Mountain Science Center asked me if SlicedTomato could figure out a way to create affordable education videos. I have kids that go to Roper Mountain and I wanted Roper Mountain to have the videos so they could teach my kids. It was that simple, but that request launched me into the strangely complex, yet beautiful, world of FullDome video production. Along the way I learned that Roper Mountain wasn’t alone.

Soon after talking with Roper Mountain, I attended CAPE (the annual gathering of Carolina Area Planetarium Educators) at Dupont Planetarium in Aiken, SC, USA.  During lunch, I asked Dr. Gary Sean, the Director at Dupont Planetarium, what his budget was for content. He looked at me and said “budget dust”. I was expecting a number so I didn’t catch it the first time, so I asked him to repeat it. “Budget dust”, he said again. I let him know that I didn’t know what he meant. He smiled and told me that he didn’t have a budget line for content. He then patiently described to me how $53.14 left-over from one category could be added with $378.65 from another category and so on until he had enough budget for some content.

FullDome video production costs are high so FullDome rental rates are high. Science Centers and Planetariums can’t afford all the content they need given their publicly funded budgets.

Here is SlicedTomato’s theory – lower the cost of FullDome content and more people will buy it. If it works, we sell more videos, more people get the content they need, and more kids learn more – a Win! – Win! – Win!

Get The Fulldome Video Now!I am pleased to announce our first attempt to satisfy Roper Mountain’s request. “The H2O Cycle”  was created with the goal of making a quality educational FullDome video that was needed – but to offer it for an amount low enough to qualify as “budget dust”. The H2O Cycle: $995.00 USD.

This fiscal year is nearly over. To help manage your budget dust “strategy”, SlicedTomato will accept a deposit of any amount. Don’t have enough budget dust this year to buy a whole video? No problem. We will hold it until you do. Add next year’s budget dust to complete the purchase. Change your mind? No problem, let us know at any time and we will return it – no fee and no fuss.


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