21 Apr 2017

FullDome World - please vote! Education FOR THE WIN!

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Check out FullDome FTW (For the Win!)!. VOTE NOW for SlicedTomato Productions’ A Community Thrives idea! When you vote you give us the chance to produce awesome educational videos for domes. We have big ideas for your big dome! Once we make them we are going to give them away.

SO…we need your vote to help us get selected for the USA Today Grant contest so we can continue to produce awesome educational FullDome (Planetarium) videos. The cool thing is you can vote every day! Our goal with this grant is to provide you with new FullDome videos. All we will ask is for shipping and handling.

USA Today makes it easy!

  • Just follow this link: http://act.usatoday.com/submit-an-idea/#/gallery/60468175/ and be patient because the internet gremlins take a few moments to load the big ideas video!
  • Register (you only have to register once!)
  • Make your vote count every day by using the same link as above through May 12th.


FullDome WORLD, this is your chance to help yourself and your students. Send this to your family…your coworkers…your friends…EVERYBODY. The least you can do is to make this link your Facebook status. We have 24 days to vote – only until Friday, May 12th. Vote now. And tomorrow. And the next day. Make your vote count! If you have a student…or ever even seen a student…or if you just love education, this is definitely worth a moment of your time!

After you vote, tell @ACThrive what video topic you want SlicedTomato to produce with the grant money! Just be sure to mention @FullDomeVideo.

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