28 Apr 2017

REMINDER! VOTE NOW for SlicedTomato Productions to win a FullDome grant!

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Response has been “to the moon” so far!!!  We are working hard to win this grant for all of FullDome World!  As a reminder, you can vote EVERY DAY!  What does that investment get you?  Free educational FullDome content!   We will produce content and give it to you.


FullDome World, we can help each other and our students all together and at the same time!

As a reminder, here are the directions for voting:

  • Click this link: http://act.usatoday.com/submit-an-idea/#/gallery/60468175/ and remember…be patient because the internet gremlins take a few moments to load the big ideas video!
  • Register (you only have to register once)
  • Make your vote count every day by using the same link through May 12th.


Why are we doing this?  Because we believe in Budget Dust.  This is our vision for all of FullDome World.  We have been giving away content for 4 years, 3 months, 15 days and counting.  In the past week alone, 12 new domes have downloaded our Space Shuttle video. In total, 565 planetariums around the world have already downloaded our free content! Click IWantFullDomeFreeContent to get yours!

We have 15 days left to vote – only until Friday, May 12th.  Keep the votes coming! Remember, tell your teachers…administrators…your interns…audiences of every public show!

Clear Skies!


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