03 Dec 2013

No Budget? No Problem.

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WaterTowerforBlogBlacksmallnotitleHave a FullDome theater but can’t find enough “budget dust” to purchase a FullDome video? SlicedTomato is here to help with our Sponsored FullDome Video Program. This program provides a way for FullDome theaters to get the content they need while giving a local business a valuable opportunity to help the local school children while receiving awareness of its support in the community.

What does the sponsor get?

We will custom edit The H2O Cycle to include mention of sponsoring company in 5 places: sponsor logo incorporated as part of video intro, sponsor logo warped, color corrected, and wrapped to the side of a water tower that appears 3 separate times throughout the video, and a custom purpose statement in the credits informing the audience of why the company chose to sponsor the video. This totals over 30 seconds of sponsor brand integrated into the video! Logo placement will be rendered into the video so it will be played every time the video shows at the local science center for years into the future.

What does the science center get?

We deliver an educational video that covers a science education topic that is difficult to cover in the classroom but purpose built for the dome. The video comes with an industry standard 50 year lease so you can show it as often as you want.

What do the students get?

The H2O Cycle FullDome video – a fun way to learn one of the most important science topics in the world, and a video they would not have without the support of the sponsor.

All this for the sponsorship fee of only $995.00 USD.  This fee is paid by the sponsor to show support for science education in their community and deepen their relationship with their local science center. We custom edit, you get the video and 50 year license, and the students get the education! If you would like to participate in the sponsorship program or for more information please contact us!

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