12 Feb 2014

Projector Ready

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So which video file does your planetarium system play? .wmv, .mp4, .mp2, .m2v, or .mpeg? Or do you need the FullDome Master Files so you can slice it for your multi-projector system? Getting the file that you need or rendering a show you have purchased to play on your system can be a time-consuming process.


At SlicedTomato, we want to help you eliminate the extra steps necessary to get our shows playing on your system. We do our best to deliver the right file for your projector. Now we are working directly with projector manufacturers.  We are pleased to announce that Digitalis Education Solutions is distributing The H2O Cycle.  Have a Digitarium planetarium system? Get the video pre-rendered for your system. Thinking about purchasing one? Buy The H2O Cycle pre-loaded and  ready to play on your new system right out of the box.

Contact us and order your projector ready file today.

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