Fresh Video Testimonials


“We are pleased to have The H2O Cycle playing on our dome. The show is entertaining and fun for our students while meeting the high education quality standards we require as a school district planetarium. With our limited school district budget, we were also pleased to find that The H2O Cycle was at a price point far below other shows in the industry. SlicedTomato rendered The H2O Cycle specifically for our Konica Minolta Media Globe III projector and produced the exact file that we needed. The delivered file works perfectly on our system and the show looks great on the dome. Thank you SlicedTomato for your help in bringing this new learning experience to our students!”

Chris – USA


“We work the water topic with children in the Maritime Museum. We acquired the film aiming to create a version in our own languages (Catalan and Spanish) and it was really easy to arrange it with the Sliced Tomato staff.  Now, children, and teachers in Barcelona, Spain are enjoying with The H2O Cycle in their own language.”

Borja – Spain


“Just played The H2O Cycle for four Summer groups. They were dancing in their seats.”

Charles – USA


“Thank you, SlicedTomato Productions, for your new movie The H2O Cycle. At our facility, our hope is that every group of students experiences our full-dome theater. This is the first movie for our water cycle lab, so it perfectly fits our curriculum needs! The movie’s narration is suitable for a range of age groups — allowing all levels from basic to advanced to get something different out of the movie. It is fun to hear the gasps and exclamations from the students as they are captivated by the information and graphics presented to them!
SlicedTomato Productions gave us customized service. They worked with our projector company, Digitalis [Digitalis Education Solutions], to ensure excellent design of the movie’s format and compatibility with our theater projector. The movie package boasts a lower price than other high-quality movies. We will be watching for new topics from Sliced Tomato Productions!”

Angelyn – USA